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Greg Hutton

I met Jack in 1995 when I joined MCI here in the Dallas area (after my time with WilTel). When I returned to the company in Dallas in 2005, I recall one of our initial discussions about the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Desperados. I always enjoyed sports talk with Jack, but also enjoyed his sharing and giving of himself in all that he did. He always made everything so simple and helped others see things in that way. I loved how he always kept things in the right perspective. He was a great mentor and friend that will be greatly missed. 


Deacon Jack’s passing is an enormous loss to our entire faith community. Jack always made everyone feel so welcome and had the ability to draw you nearer to God through his sermons, serving as our Deacon, his involvement in so many of our church ministries, and simply by his larger than life presence. He was never afraid to give a hug or to assure you he was praying for your needs. He was an inspiration and a friend to all. I saw Jack the Saturday before his death as he was walking into the church from the parking lot. Ironically, he was there to attend Bill’s service at the columbarium. As we chatted, he said he was so happy that Trish was doing so well and he smiled as he said she was on her way to meet him. His family was doing well and he seemed so much at peace. I’m glad I had that final chat with him to know all was well and he was happy. I appreciate that Jack was able to emulate a peace that assured us that we were not alone-we had a great prayer warrior on our side and that all would be okay. I will miss him greatly as a friend, as a Deacon, prayer warrior and his great welcoming presence. Trish and girls, Jack was always the most happy when he was talking about his family…he loved you very much. Thank your for your sacrifice in sharing Jack with our faith community as he helped so many of us on our faith journey. God Bless you, Jack. thank you for being on my faith journey and for praying for my family. You are dearly missed! I will continue to pray for your family. Please pray and intercede for us!

Joseph Wong

I met Deacon Jack when I was in RCIA back in 2008-2009. He was always so kind and gentle to me and everyone else. Through the years, whenever I saw Deacon Jack he’d always stop and talk with me. I am grateful to have known Deacon Jack and will miss him dearly.

Danielle Harris

i knew deacon jack as a youth leader to my confirmation class. Every Sunday he provided us with insight into the catholic faith and made it make sense. he always took the time to answer our questions in detail and make sure we understood just what he was talking about. on top of that, he was an amazing role model and made a huge impact on my life. I will never forget his kindness and willingness to help in a heartbeat. May he rest in peace.

Kevin Gilhooly

I actually knew Jack before he was Deacon Jack, since he became my brother-in-law before he was ordained as a permanent Deacon. When I met him, he was just Jack. So, I’m one of the few people in Dallas that didn’t know him from work or from Church.

When Virginia and I were married on a schooner off Key West, Jack and Trish attended our wedding, as representatives of her family. When Virginia and I renewed our vows on our 15th anniversary just over a month ago on a cruise ship (after 15 years, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”), Jack and Trish attended the ceremony, as well.

He was always there, even if we didn’t talk to each other very often.

The reason we didn’t talk very much was because of the other love of his life which has not been mentioned too much yet – sports. If there was a game on in his house, conversation was usually minimal, and there was almost always a game on in his house.

Jack loved sports. This may be sacrilegious, but one of my first thoughts after we received the call that he passed was, “Well, at least we know Heaven gets ESPN.”

Jack was the only member of my extended family that was actually interested when I started doing analytics projects on baseball scores as a demo for work. He was more interested than some of the people at work, actually.

Jack attended Dallas Desperados arena football games as a season ticket holder, with me and Virginia. I think he knew more of the rules than I did, and he started going after me.

After Virginia and I were married, I realized that I didn’t have to explain any of the major sports to her. It had been done already. Thank you, Jack! She even knew the basics about sports I didn’t watch. Also, like Jack before her, moving from New York to Dallas meant that Virginia continued despising the Eagles and the Redskins during football season, but neither of them would ever leave their allegiance to the Yankees in the Spring and Summer (and hopefully, Fall).

When I was updating the main website this morning, I realized that what his memorial page needed was not only the basics of his life that an obituary provides and the very personal outpouring of love from all that knew him, but also the latest Yankees news. I think he would appreciate it. Opening Day will be here soon.

I miss you, Jack. I will see you on the other side. Oh, and if you have time, if you could put in a good word to your Boss about the Cubs, I would really appreciate it. I think this might be their year.

Valerie Underwood

As a believer, to be in the presence of a truly faithful, holy person is awe-inspiring. This was Jack. When I looked into his eyes I knew he was touched by and a man of God. Jack exuded love, kindness, gentleness and compassion. He walked a life of devotion to God and his faith and by doing so, showed many of us the way. Not by preaching or judging, but by just being. The differences many Catholics and Protestants have never became a point of contention between us. Jack accepted me as a friend of his wife Trish first, then folded my family and I into his life calling us “friend” as he did all that crossed his path. And isn’t this what we all want – to be accepted as we are, where we are? Wow – how inspiring is that?! Even in death Jack inspires me. His Godly existence inspires me to better walk the life of a Christian. To do more for and in my community. To be a better mother, daughter, wife and friend. As he has shown me that I can, and must, do all of this. Jack has left a legacy of love that has made an enormous positive difference in the life of so many. So it isn’t surprising to see the outpouring of grief from so many at his tragic and sudden passing at such a young age. To us left behind it seems he had so much more to do, so much more of God’s love to share and so many more people to touch. It is here where our faith is challenged to understand the “why” of it all – why was he taken now? To which there is no concrete, definitive answer. So when remembering Jack I will endeavor to try and not ask the “why”. Instead, I will try my best to remember the “who, what and how” – who he was, what he showed me and how he did it. For when pondering those questions is where the peace lies. I find peace in knowing Jack had a glorious life well-lived full of inspiration. And the thanks: Thank you God for giving us your faithful servant Jack. Thank you oh Lord for showing us through him how You want us to live and to be. Thank you Lord for allowing me time to spend with him and the lessons I learned from him. And when sadness overcomes me for the loss of his body, help me feel the glory in knowing he is with You and that I too, with Your grace and mercy, will see him again one day. Amen.

Linda Bollengier

Deacon Jack was so good to all of us at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano. He tended all his flocks with the utmost love and caring. We miss him so much already but know he had a straight shot to heaven… They are happy to have him I am sure…. He worked so diligently with the children who served as Altar Servers and they all love him so much, as will the Ems, Lectors, Choirs, RCIA and ACTS ministries! Those are just the ones I knew him through, he was involved with just about everything at our church, somehow he still worked full-time for Verizon as well. An amazing and wonderful gift from God to our church, that is what Deacon Jack Gulino was. Right now I can’t see how, but with God’s grace we will make it past this great loss and see him again someday in heaven….

Jaclyn Gulino

It seems sooo unreal to have lost my dad so unexpectedly and at such a young age. There are sooo many memories I could share about him that made him a unique father. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to have been able to call him my father and to see how his presence on this earth has touched the lives of so many people. It seems unimaginable that in the morning I won’t be able to share our love of Starbucks coffee as we did every time I stayed the night. There are so many things I still had left to say and do with him. It seems like a dream that just one week ago I was visiting he and my mom and that a few short days ago I was in an ICU room holding his hand as he took his last breath. Life will never be quite the same without him in it.