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Valerie Underwood

As a believer, to be in the presence of a truly faithful, holy person is awe-inspiring. This was Jack. When I looked into his eyes I knew he was touched by and a man of God. Jack exuded love, kindness, gentleness and compassion. He walked a life of devotion to God and his faith and by doing so, showed many of us the way. Not by preaching or judging, but by just being. The differences many Catholics and Protestants have never became a point of contention between us. Jack accepted me as a friend of his wife Trish first, then folded my family and I into his life calling us “friend” as he did all that crossed his path. And isn’t this what we all want – to be accepted as we are, where we are? Wow – how inspiring is that?! Even in death Jack inspires me. His Godly existence inspires me to better walk the life of a Christian. To do more for and in my community. To be a better mother, daughter, wife and friend. As he has shown me that I can, and must, do all of this. Jack has left a legacy of love that has made an enormous positive difference in the life of so many. So it isn’t surprising to see the outpouring of grief from so many at his tragic and sudden passing at such a young age. To us left behind it seems he had so much more to do, so much more of God’s love to share and so many more people to touch. It is here where our faith is challenged to understand the “why” of it all – why was he taken now? To which there is no concrete, definitive answer. So when remembering Jack I will endeavor to try and not ask the “why”. Instead, I will try my best to remember the “who, what and how” – who he was, what he showed me and how he did it. For when pondering those questions is where the peace lies. I find peace in knowing Jack had a glorious life well-lived full of inspiration. And the thanks: Thank you God for giving us your faithful servant Jack. Thank you oh Lord for showing us through him how You want us to live and to be. Thank you Lord for allowing me time to spend with him and the lessons I learned from him. And when sadness overcomes me for the loss of his body, help me feel the glory in knowing he is with You and that I too, with Your grace and mercy, will see him again one day. Amen.

Linda Bollengier

Deacon Jack was so good to all of us at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano. He tended all his flocks with the utmost love and caring. We miss him so much already but know he had a straight shot to heaven… They are happy to have him I am sure…. He worked so diligently with the children who served as Altar Servers and they all love him so much, as will the Ems, Lectors, Choirs, RCIA and ACTS ministries! Those are just the ones I knew him through, he was involved with just about everything at our church, somehow he still worked full-time for Verizon as well. An amazing and wonderful gift from God to our church, that is what Deacon Jack Gulino was. Right now I can’t see how, but with God’s grace we will make it past this great loss and see him again someday in heaven….

Jaclyn Gulino

It seems sooo unreal to have lost my dad so unexpectedly and at such a young age. There are sooo many memories I could share about him that made him a unique father. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to have been able to call him my father and to see how his presence on this earth has touched the lives of so many people. It seems unimaginable that in the morning I won’t be able to share our love of Starbucks coffee as we did every time I stayed the night. There are so many things I still had left to say and do with him. It seems like a dream that just one week ago I was visiting he and my mom and that a few short days ago I was in an ICU room holding his hand as he took his last breath. Life will never be quite the same without him in it.

Lori McKinnon

Jack and I often ran into each other during our morning Starbucks runs, and it was such a great way to start my day – with a loving hug and his ever-present sunny smile. When I returned to the Church in 2010, I asked Jack to preside over the Blessing of mine & my husband’s marriage that December. His kind and thoughtful message during that service will never be forgotten by my family; he made the ceremony so personal. Our youngest daughter, Becca, looked forward to seeing Jack at Lenten Soup Suppers and at Mass, where she knew she would get one of his hugs and his smiles. I can’t even imagine our Seton Community without Jack’s presence… and I can’t imagine how devastating this loss is to Jack’s family. I rejoice in knowing that he is with Our Lord now, but grieve his absence here. May God grant his eternal soul rest and peace, and may his family be comforted in knowing that Jack will always be remembered fondly and with much love and gratitude.

Mary Sutton

Jack was the kindest, gentlest man and I was proud to call him my brother. He was always there for his family in time of need. I was 13 when he was born so I watched him grow up. I always knew that he would be a person close to Our Lord and I was so proud of him when he became a deacon as was his mom Anna. When my husband and I were married 50 years my children gave us a surprise party but the biggest surprise was my brother Jack was there to renew our vows. It was the highlight of my life. I know that you are seated right next to Jesus. Even though we didn’t see each other as often as we should have, I knew he was there if I needed him. I will miss you and love you forever. Rest in peace Jack.

Tay McRaney

i sure miss Jack like everyone who was fortunate enough to know him. My first memory of Jack was on our initial ACTS Retreat. We were table mates. We laughed for three days straight. Its a six year commitment to become a Catholic Deacon. Trish and Jack made that commitment. And with a humble heart and a big smile Jack was at RCIA functions, ACTS Retreats, Baptisms, Masses, Funerals and many other Church functions. There was nothing phony about Jack. He comforted anyone that needed comforting and helped anyone that needed help with the Joy of the Spirit that was so natural for him. He is and will continue to be missed. Many thanks to the family for sharing your Jack with us. One day I hope to be with Jack on this final retreat. Rest easy Jack.

Terry and Leslie Vice

My wife, Leslie, and I very fondly remember Jack. We met him before he became a deacon. He helped us enter the church in 2000. We could tell he was a Godly man. He walked with both of us as we journeyed through the RCIA process. Every Wednesday night for several months he was with us at St. Elizabeth’s, answering our questions and gently guiding us. From those moments forward, we called him a friend. May your fond memories help you through this difficult time. With deepest sympathy, Terry and Leslie Vice

Marie SantaCroce

Jack married my dearest friend Pat, therefore he become a dear friend too. Although miles have separated us for years, we have been as close as close can be. We have shared so many of life’s experiences: our weddings, the birth of our children, losing loved ones, fighting through illness and just the day to day happiness of talking, exchanging small meaningful gifts and being there for one another. Jack will forever be in our hearts. The world has lost a giant, Heaven has gained a Saint.

Virginia Rose Pesce Gilhooly

Jack has been my big brother for over 45 of my 52 years. He gave me many gifts over those years: he taught me to love sports – and especially the Yankees; when my dad died, he helped console the confused 10 yr old me; he helped me with algebra and geometry; he showed me the world of Apple Computers; he made me an aunt ( Jaclyn); he shared his mother with me (she introduced me to caponata!); and when I was devastated by Lyme disease, he helped me any way he could. Like any brother, he could also make me nuts, because he was not perfect, but he was perfectly Jack.

When Kevin and I announced our plans to marry in Key West on a schooner 15 years ago, he and Trish were the first to book their trip to join us. Fifteen years later when we announced our plans to renew our vows on a Norwegian cruise, he and Trish were again at our side. No hesitation. I could always depend on Jack and Patricia to have my back.

I wish Jack’s heart had been as strong as it was large.