Virginia Rose Pesce Gilhooly

Jack has been my big brother for over 45 of my 52 years. He gave me many gifts over those years: he taught me to love sports – and especially the Yankees; when my dad died, he helped console the confused 10 yr old me; he helped me with algebra and geometry; he showed me the world of Apple Computers; he made me an aunt ( Jaclyn); he shared his mother with me (she introduced me to caponata!); and when I was devastated by Lyme disease, he helped me any way he could. Like any brother, he could also make me nuts, because he was not perfect, but he was perfectly Jack.

When Kevin and I announced our plans to marry in Key West on a schooner 15 years ago, he and Trish were the first to book their trip to join us. Fifteen years later when we announced our plans to renew our vows on a Norwegian cruise, he and Trish were again at our side. No hesitation. I could always depend on Jack and Patricia to have my back.

I wish Jack’s heart had been as strong as it was large.